The Bridge

by M-Trey

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Prod. by M-Trey. Poorly mixed by M-Trey.


I cracked the seal on a bottle of tonic water
And poured it in a cup, then some more and filled it up, sipped it,
Then put some gin into it, loose and getting looser,
Moving closer to the future and moving further from lucid,
The truth is, that I don't know the truth,
But just like a pool stick, I'm pushing through the cue,
I just wanna see what lies ahead of me, the deep undying energy
That keeps my mind at ease is why my enemies in jeopardy,
The best of me is what I gave, over and over,
And the most that I ever asked was closure,
But that's a moment in time, frozen, I'll never get it back; picture that,
An abyss in my mind, and I'm tryna bridge the gap,
Hold up...

It's been a long time, it's been a long year,
Been around the world just to find that I belong here,
Pressure alleviated from saying what needed saying,
Pretentious to think I'm saving anybody but myself,
But I'd like to think I helped...maybe just a bit,
A lost generation, a nation of adults stuck as kids,
But this I discovered, plain, simple and clear,
A path doesn't appear cuz a path doesn't exist,
We're making our own way, one day at a time,
And I get the feeling that we'll be fine, just something to keep in mind
While you stay on your grind, so picture that,
An abyss in my mind, I'm just tryna bridge the gap,
Hold up...

I give you my heart and soul, I take it slow, I take my time,
I'm not tryna change the world, I'm just tryna change your mind,
And one day, you will understand that I write what's in my view,
I'm just saying what so many wish they could, but never do...

Come on, if you're coming...come on, if you're coming with me...


released February 14, 2013



all rights reserved


M-Trey Chicago

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