Kiefer Suicide

by M-Trey

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First single from 3AM.


[Verse 1]
I wrote it on my toilet, shitting on y’all, infamous for hard bars,
Solid gold soul, Fort Knox, tip alarms off,
For stumbling in like alcoholics fresh off the wagon,
I try to stay abreast of the action
In a city where the thugs stay fresh off a jacking
Like a bottle of Lubriderm, kleenex and a Maxim,
So don’t play yourself,
Cuz you would think they gave birth to Satan, the way they raising Hell,
Pages swell, with lyrics that were written at the right time,
Preoccupations that were sticking up the pipeline,
Gone, so I’m back, like where the knife in me is,
Cuz they heated like me being undefeated was a secret,
And yeah, I might play it close to the chest,
So the game is in me, through osmosis effects,
But don’t stress how I move in stealth, rely on the truth,
Learn to do for self, like kids tying their shoes,
I am eyeing the rules, fixing to break them,
Sick of the faking politician-ass rappers,
Played me with the Carcetti rope-a-dope,
I keep wanting to knock them out
But from the looks of things I think they’re already comatose,
That just means they’re sleeping through this awesomeness overdose,
It took a little while to find my voice,
But now that I got my style of choice, I found balance;
Ishaq creates, and I destroy...

This is the ethic, modern poem electric,
Now let me see you get your hands up to the sky,
Reach for the limit and beyond it,
Life is a question mark and death is a promise, I promise,
This is the ethic, modern poem electric,
Now let me see you get your hands up to the sky,
Reach for the limit and beyond it,
Life is a question mark, death is a promise...

[Verse 2]
No matter what the fuck you claim, I reign supreme,
Seen freaky shit throughout these trains and streets,
I rise above it like I hover, ain’t a thing to me,
It’s what I do, y’all mutter “excuse me”, I muscle through,
What you accustomed to? Well, I ignore that,
This is door-to-door rap, witness Jehovah,
Not me, but the scriptures I wrote up are only there
By the grace of God, you hate, then que sera sera,
It ain’t like I’m surprised, getting heated when the minds collide,
Flintstones, I’m in hyperdrive,
I give more than what y’all provide,
And now my concentration’s bringing constellations; my stars aligned,
And the bars are mine, I stole nothing,
Like you’ve been charged with crime, it’s no running,
You a flight risk, whether I wrote or typed this,
My mic priceless, dipped in gold and platinum,
Flow colder than most imagined, so they froze up,
Couldn’t get down like me if you cloned ducks,
I’m focused, you got hair in your face,
You Cousin It, I’m buzz cutting with the scariest blades,
Now bear witness to the hysteria terror creates,
Now who am I? The one that was due to rise,
The one that you scrutinize, the brotha attracted to
Tattoos and beautiful eyes, shouts to Kiefer Suicide...



released December 15, 2010
Written by D.W. Hunt; Produced by Ishaq Fahim

I do not own the photo used in the cover; the photo belongs to I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by SuicideGirls or This song/cover is simply an ode to someone I'm a fan of.



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