Loose Ends

by M-Trey

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Just songs that don't go anywhere that I feel like dropping haha.


released February 23, 2011



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M-Trey Chicago

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Track Name: Procrastination
Smoking up at Hayley’s with a broken cup of Bailey’s,
Motor chugging daily without rolling a Mercedes,
Cuz the flow is fucking crazy, my heart’s a work of art
So you can hold the brush and paint me, lit the darkness with a spark
And now my glow is lustrous daily, shimmering and awesome
For a simpleton with sorrow that’s a bitter pill to swallow,
But I’m ready for the problems like a clip that’s full of hollows,
Got no interest in tomorrow, I’m living for today,
Check the twitter if you follow, vision in a daze,
I took what life gave me but I’m sick of lemonade,
So I made some Sprite, baby, that’s what 3 drink,
Looking for a nice lady with some mean ink,
Couple tats up her back or something, yeah, that’s my class of woman,
One day I’ll find her but for now I’m just relaxing,
Bass up and blasting, Elitist if you’re asking,
Macy’s at Christmas the way that I rap, shit...
Track Name: You Know My Steez
It’s that old boombastic, all-city scholastic,
School of hard knock rock, freewheeling assassins,
Peeling a rapster’s skin back revealing
An actor who wasn’t constructed for this madness,
I eat ravenous, master and commander,
Impervious to your slander, I don’t hear your weak rambling,
Just dropping bodies in caskets, them people was asking,
I said that’s my steez and he was cramping it,
I had to slump him, spit a bullet and dump him,
I got this bitch popping like I brought back krumping,
I’m all that plus a bag of fritos and lays,
Leave MCs in a haze, like LuWees’ previous name,
Three’s a beast and insane, out of my cage on a rampage
For something substantial, respect what that man made,
Some legendary bounce for you to break your neck to,
I don’t son ‘em cuz I don’t want ‘em, I call ‘em my nephews,
This is wild shit, amazon in my restroom,
Sub-saharan colonic, if you a star, I’m a comet,
Moving off in the cosmos, see me with telescopic
Lenses, the penchant for illness in my possession,
Assault with a deadly weapon whenever I’m in your section,
I got your people reacting so bring me the epinephrine,
Stab the pen in they neck and when they wake up, you can ask them the lesson...

Be not afraid of the styles that I’m giving to you,
Cuz ultimately you will see that this is spiritual food,
On top of that, I plan to show you what a predator proves;
Whether you big cat or top dog, I’m better than you,
Peep how the evidence moves and remains unique,
It’s so incredibly smooth, with major heat,
It’s like English tea, so sip it slow and watch a king talk,
Everybody’s flying high until I melt your wings off,
Don’t get so close to me, boy, tone down the hubris,
You talking loud and obnoxious, ain’t finna do shit,
A bunch of schoolkids, so meet your principal,
Putting fools in detention just to make ‘em feel miserable,
While they in punishment, I’m going to work,
Flowing berserk, eat beats for dinner and your girl for desert,
It’s a gift and a curse being this dope,
I’m nice, but when I’m kicking shit, it feels like I’m a schitzo,
Talking to myself, cuz there’s no one who can measure,
Up to the levels, of where I be, I’m kicking this cleverly,
I’m vicious so rest in peace, you checking my pedigree?
Track Name: Light Up
20 songless days, it’s weighing heavy on my brain
The will is gone, the thrill is gone, I fear I may have gone insane,
what’s the talent if I can’t get out a decent product,
fuck it all, delete the logic, radio silence
whenever pencil hits paper, forever restless and waiting
to be inspired, before i have finally met with my maker,
If it’s a test then I’m failing it, spinning out of control
out of mind, body and soul, why the fuck it had to happen now?
i needed direction, i needed a blessing,
i needed a way out of sessions of self-hatred and depression,
so what i want to make and what’s inside the realm
of possibility seem to be forever seperate, the bridge decrepit,
So I’ma buy these records, and these tickets,
Show up early just to get a front row seat to see what I will never be,
But you don’t wanna hear the bitching moaning wretch in me
You just tryna figure when the next record’ll be,
Well too bad, this is delbert at his most sure,
most honest, most private, most real, most pure,
So deal with it, if I have to then you all do,
Guess that’s probly why I rock with such a small crew,
I try to question how it happened,
But I never get an answer, so now the question I’m asking is,
Have you ever seen a thing sadder
Than a face full of pain from seeing a dream shattered?

Soon, as I thought, I was close, to the light,
This came to stay, in my soul, now I’m lost, in the night,
Well fuck it then, light up...
Track Name: G.R.M.G.C.
Tell my children come back to me, follow along with the verses,
False prophets call for the worst but you can never be certain,
Some people lie cuz they believe, some people lie to control you,
Just know I will never lie cuz I would die for my morals,
I live for anyone listening, tell my friends far away that I miss them,
Return is the goal but never envy the mission,
Cuz shit is sick, navigating the twists and turns of my inner curves
Blisters like a litmus acidic burn, figure different words,
Describe the unforgiving nature of the wars fought,
To survive, you gots to be a sure shot,
Hit your targets, pop until they all drop,
There ain’t no room for mercy, they own the water when all the world is thirsty,
This isn’t just rap, they preying on my innocence,
Praying that I fall victim to the lure of blissful ignorance,
This, was written late at night when I couldn’t sleep,
Awake and typing out my life on a beat.

Pulling rhymes is like pulling teeth,
Blowing time, pondering the things I couldn’t be,
Wouldn’t be, shouldn’t be, such a waste of time,
If I can’t make the world listen, I’ll just make it mine,
Take it a day at a time (take it a day at a time)
Take it a day at a time (take it a day at a time)
Take a chance, paint the canvas, make a purer portrait,
Good rappers make great corpses.

It’s mostly murder out there, i’m just so close I don’t care,
ain’t no emotion like scared to give motion to those frozen souls,
poached what was theirs, so now it’s mine, finders keepers, losers weepers,
Student graduated, now i’m schooling teachers, who you think is
better? I assure you they ain’t got the heart enough
To part with all the stuff they love, give that garbage up,
Get your barrage up, death marching these artless fucks to a shallow grave,
War-torn, battle-scathed...searching through the scattered brain
Of a drug-addled mud-covered savage,
Afraid to be alive so he passed away,
You’ll find the spark of something greater, the mark of a visionary,
The passion for a practice they won’t acknowledge is magic made,
But I suppose that’s the life that was chosen for him,
Inspiration bursting forth into an open forum,
Let’s discuss, fear, pride and disgust,
Ears and eyes to the front...pay attention.
Track Name: HEARTB3AT
I wanted you to know
That I am ready to go
Heartbeat, Heartbeat
I wanted you to know
Whenever you are around
Can’t speak, I can’t speak

I been waiting, a day and forever,
Doing my best to stay calm, coming untethered,
Phone ringing, no answer,
7 missed calls today, I can’t handle,
Like I’m incarcerated in your hands, like a prisoner frozen,
In a pitiful pose, it ain’t a prison I chose,
It’s just, you fronting with your friends like I’m nothing to you,
But conveniently leaving out the bit of you
Screaming out for me to beat it out on my couch,
But hey, fuck it, whats the reason now that it’s out?
Why should you give a shit when all I really wanted
Was another chance; lemme get you, let me find another plan,
All this wondering, when you’re gonna stop gaming me,
I’m trying to remain a G,
But it’s hard, knowing you know that I’m looking for something more,
I know you want this, you’re the same as me,
It could be all so simple, all so amazing,
All so easy if you’d just take me,
Don’t know what’s taking so long, go on,
Take a look in my face and see the pain you prolong,
When it’s dark, you’re the thought to spark it,
In the middle of a stark apartment,
In the middle of the harshest bong rip, I feel the vibration
Of you in my back right pocket,
and I wanna say...